Spoken English classes in Marathahalli, Bangalore

English Communication Classes at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages welcomes you to join our various English Training programs. Our courses are targeted to each one, who has the passion and dedication towards learning and mastering the English language. At IIFLS, we tailor-make our courses according to the needs of our students. You could be a student, a job-seeker, a house wife, a business person or somebody who wants to learn it as a hobby or someone who just wants to brush up their English language skills. Indian Institute of Foreign Languages is one of the best training institute that trains on basic/ intermediate/ advanced communicative English classes as well as Career English classes in Bangalore. We currently have two branches, the first one is at Banashankari and the second branch is at Marathahalli. Indian Institute of Foreign Languages has a committed team of English trainers who carry with them many years of teaching experience and knowledge to provide you a great and a different studying experience with ensured results. For more details on Spoken English classes in Marathahalli, Bangalore please contact: 906 603 8847.

Our trainers at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages employ latest and varied teaching techniques and they are alsofluent in many Indian languages. This helps our trainers to understand and teach the student in a language that they are comfortable to communicate in. Classrooms at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages are well equipped to use the latest multimedia to aid in listening and speaking. Our course duration is standardized as per all International language learning guidelines and finally you will find that no other Institute in Bangalore provides English courses for a fee that is as competitive as Indian Institute of Foreign Languages.

Different English Courses offered at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages:

Communicative English:

Communication is the process of transferring an idea or an information from one individual to another. This could be done by speaking a language / verbal communication, Body language / non-verbal communication, written communication or by using visual techniques like images, pictures, graphs, advertisements, anime etc., In order to communicate effectively two individuals must know a common language. Any language learning involves 4 skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing skills. Out of these four components, speaking skills are the most difficult to learn. It is always better to learn English in English to get good results at the end of course. Although English is a challenging language to learn, we at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages make it as easy as possible for the student to learn it in a short period of time. After successful completion of each course the student gets a course completion certificate from Indian Institute of Foreign Languages.

In communicative English or commonly known as spoken English there are 4 different courses that we offer at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages:

Basic English course:

This course is targeted for students who are absolute beginners in English speaking or individuals with just the knowledge of English alphabets and few simple words in English. If you do not know anything about English grammar and its usage and how to use English in a day-to-day scenario, this course would be perfect for you.

Course content:

  • English Alphabet review with phonetics
  • Basic vocabulary for everyday use
  • Introduction to English grammar
  • Spellings and punctuations
  • Role playing based on everyday scenarios
  • Activities to improve listening skills
  • Basic presentation skills

Intermediate English course:

This course is oriented towards student who have some understanding about English and who have a fair knowledge of English grammar. In this course offered at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages, we help the student to build upon his already existing English knowledge base. After the completion of this course a student is able to listen, understand and communicate confidently in a variety of scenarios without fumbling for words.

Course content:

  • Overview of Parts of speech in English grammar
  • Overview of English verbs: moods (indicative, subjunctive and imperative) tenses(Present, past and future) and voices (active and passive)
  • Role plays using complex scenarios where the student needs English to negotiate, give directions, ask and give for varied information to others etc.,
  • Sentence structure and its correct usage while speaking and writing.
  • Write simple letters, passages, articles, make and present on different topics in English.

Advanced English course:

This course is for those who already speak and write average to good English and wish to gain mastery in all the four aspects of English language learning. This course at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages we help the students to increase their vocabulary list, develop comprehension reading, understand varies accents of English and use English fluently at workplace, in countries outside of India etc.,

Course content:

  • Conduct group discussions where the students can confidently express their ideas, views and opinions fluently without any grammatical errors.
  • Rules of English grammars, making compound and complex sentences, subject-verb agreement, sentence subject predicate etc.,
  • Usage of Idioms, phrases, expressions in everyday speaking
  • Writing business letters / emails professionally, creating presentations, projects for schools, offices and other purposes. Spontaneously speaking on any given topic.
  • A brief overview of various accents of English used across the globe.

All the above mentioned courses have a duration of 30-40 hours, however it mayvary depending on the student’s choice of weekend or weekday classes and their attendance. Each class duration ranges from 1- 3 hrs. Please feel free to walk into Indian Institute of Foreign Languages Marathahalli or Banashankari branch for confirming your course start date and timings or you can also call to our course coordinator/reception for discussing your requirements and course details.