Japanese Classes In Marathahalli, Bangalore

Japanese Classes In Marathahalli
Japanese knowledge opens the gates for many employment opportunities

A brief introduction to Japanese language

Few benefits of learning Japanese:

A brief introduction to Japanese language

Japanese is more commonly known as “Nihongo” in Japanese script. It is an East-Asian language that is spoken by nearly 120 million people mostly in Japan and some other countries like the Americas, where people with Japanese roots have settled. It ranks 7thpreceded by Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, Indonesian, Arabic and Bengali as the most spoken language in Asia.

Japanese language belongs to Japonic language family. The Japanese writing scripts follows three different scripts


The characters that where borrowed into Japanese from Chinese during the early and middle era of Japanese language evolution formed the Kanji writing system. As the language evolution continued into modern era some Kanji’s where deformed and lost their original meaning. This made the people to develop other writing systems in Japanese. Generally there are no spaces used between characters in Japanese,hence Kanji helps in differentiating words within a sentence and also to differentiate homophones. Most of the nouns, adjectives and verbs used in Japanese are expressed using Kanji. There are more than 40,000 Kanji characters in Japanese out of which almost 2,000 kanji’s are currently being utilised in Japanese written system.


It is one of the two Kana scriptsthat utilises syllabaries and not alphabets. These syllabaries do not represent a single consonant. There are 46 characters in this script, of which 5 are singular vowels and 9 are consonants. These 9 consonants combine with the 5 singular vowels to form 45 consonant-vowel characters. Hiragana is used to express words for which there are no Kanji equivalents in the native language and also when the Kanji meaning is unknown. Hiragana is mainly used for grammatical purposes.


The word Katakana means “fragmentary script”. This kana is mainly used to express words which have foreign origin and those have been adopted into Japanese language, ex: it is used to represent words of roman origin for which there are no equivalent characters in Kanji. Katakana has the same number of syllabaries and thesame number sounds as compared to Hiragana;however the characters in Katakana are totally different.

Other terms:

Romaji is the name given to the Romanization of Japanese characters to make it easier for a foreign speaker who does not understand Japanese language.

Furigana are smaller characters of Hiragana or Katakana that are placed above or next to Kanji characters to help the readerswho do not know the Kanji characters yet or for children who have just began to learn Japanese.

Japanese Classes In Marathahalli

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Japanese knowledge opens the gates for many employment opportunities:

Japanese automobile companies have been catering to the Indian consumers since many years. Companies like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Toyota Kirloskar lead the automobile industry in India.These companies have manufacturing plants in India and have employed thousands of Indians in India and in Japan. So a person knowing fluent Japanese will have an upper hand in getting a job in these companies and during the course of employment they may have very high chances of going to Japan on projects on behalf of the company.

Opportunity to study in Japan:

Japan has some of the top ranking global universities such as University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University and many more Universities. Indian students aspiring to study abroad can opt for these Universities which offer a variety of specializations and are closer to home. Knowledge of Japanese could be very beneficial for these students.

A Chance to know a rich and varied culture:

Japanese culture is very rich and unique. A person learning Japanese not only learns the language but also the culture, traditions, people, habits, day to day life in Japan, family setup, professional and educational environment etc., As Indians you might find that Japanese culture is very close to our culture.

Work in a Japanese based gaming company:

A person who is into intense gaming or is a game developer will know that all the latest games are created and designed by Japanese. Hence it will be immensely useful for such people to know the language.

Enjoy reading Japanese comics and anime with Intense content:

Japanese comics and anime are becoming popular for their unique characters with intense expressions and graphics. The most famous comics are Manga, Berserk, Naruto, Junjo Romantic, Durarara, Jojo’s adventure series etc., so the next time you buy these comics or graphic novels, and you can buy the original one rather than the translated English version if you know Japanese.